Things Your Postal Clerk Wish You’d Stop Doing NOW!!!

I’ve been working as a clerk for almost two years, and don’t get me wrong I love my job, even in a small town this city girl gets to meet new people every day and each interaction is different. But sometimes I get those few customers that just knows how to annoy the mess out of me. Most of the time it’s a customer that has had more than a few bad experiences with the post office. Just keep in mind all of us are not the same. I’ve listed a few things that most clerks would wish you’d stop doing when coming to our counter. If you find yourself doing any of these things for the sake of our sanity, please stop it.

Asking dumb questions. We were all taught there are no dumb questions, but….let’s face it, we know better. One of my biggest pet peeve’s is when people call or come into my office and tell me they’re looking for package, but they have no tracking number. What exactly do you want me to do? There’s a reason for tracking numbers.

Asking what kind of stamps we have. More specifically asking to see our whole stamp inventory. Does it really matter if I give you a stamp with a flower, flag, dog, cat, or fireworks, once you place it on the envelope; it’s out of your hands. Now usually I find that older women fall into this category. For example everyone loves the Pets stamps, but no one likes the snakes…guess what?!? It’s a stamp and once you place it on the letter, you’ll never see it again! Seems simple enough, right?

Being rude. I’m fairly a nice person, but I’ve come to the conclusion just as many have, some people just wake up rude. If you’re one of those people, please send someone else on your behalf. We have enough attitudes in the office, we don’t need yours too.

Not watching your children. I don’t get this one too often, but it’s more of a safety concern. The post office isn’t the Play Place. Lucky for me the children that come into my office seem to be pretty well behave. But I’ve had a few where one minute the child is standing next to the parent at the counter and the next they’re playing at the door. The first thing I think is “I am not responsible for your child getting injured”. But I’ve also heard horror stories of children being disrespectful to clerks. I’ve had a 7-year-old come in with a 5-year-old sibling by themselves and try to jump the line while I was helping a customer. I asked them nicely to wait, but apparently they had not being trained in the art of being patient, well they learned that day, I ignored them until I was done with the customers ahead of them. I don’t allow disrespect in my office so with that being said please control your children.

Forgetting we are human. Because I’m the only person in my office, I’m the one that puts the mail in the PO Boxes, runs the counter and answers the phone. So hate to break it to you but….every now and then I’ll make a mistake or I’ll forget to return a customer’s call. It doesn’t happen often in smaller offices, but if it happens in small offices what do you think larger offices have to deal with? We are supposed to be everything to everyone, supervisors expects us to distribute packages and letters from the postal plant, FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and DHL, service customers and put up the mail. No matter how large the office is, it’s only a handful of clerks doing all this work. So please be a little patient with us.

This one is probably the most important…. WE DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! I only use caps because people have a tendency to think we as clerks know why the carrier misplaced their mail, didn’t deliver a package, is late delivering mail, or why they haven’t gotten their package. We don’t know, we don’t work in plants, we work the counter, and if we have it you’ll have it. Don’t think we’re sitting around holding your package or mail hostage, because we’re not.

As much as we tend to complain about these people, they are the ones that usually add a little excitement to the day, but they are also the ones we warn other clerks about!

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