Learning To Say “NO”!


Today was supposed to be a relaxing day, I’m off and have nothing that needs my immediate attention. Or so I thought. Woke with a call from my mom asking for directions from Georgia to South Carolina, my ex asking me to help him market to a liquor company (you’ll hear more about him in other posts), and someone asking me for a $300 loan. And how did I get into this predicament? Not learning to say “No” sooner.

Helping others is one thing I definitely enjoy. I work for the post office, so MY customer service game is on point (I can’t speak for other clerks), so I rarely tell customers “no” or that I can’t find something. I’ve volunteered with the Red Cross, my local CASA, and countless events with my mom who does event planning. So helping comes natural. The problem appears when those around me are used to getting the those few extra miles from me (notice I didn’t say an extra mile), and I say or attempt to say no. Then, I’m acting funny, difficult, or they’ll try to say something to make me feel about 2 inches small.

For those people who try to do that, shame on them. But it’s also on us for allowing them to believe we will be at their every beck and call. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with helping others, but personal time is extremely important. And sometimes people just have to learn to do without you. They’ve made it this far without you, they won’t die if you get a little personal time.

So, for those like me, who tends to put more on their plate than they can handle, saying no isn’t a walk in the park but it can be done. I’m not gonna tell you to stand in front of the mirror and practice saying it, but before jumping to that quick yes, think about yourself first. It’s ok to be a little selfish at times, everyone else is.